Yoga & Pilates

Gentle Yoga

45-minute class of basic yoga poses. Provides beginners an excellent introduction where they can learn to focus on breathing and alignment, while allowing more advanced students to focus on the foundations of their practice. Modifications are provided.


Yoga Flow

This Vinyasa style class is a great way to get the body moving, release toxins & calm the mind. Joining physical postures, or asanas, with inhales & exhales, creates a steady internal rhythm; building heat, endurance, flexibility, strength & focus.


Sport Yoga

45-minute class that focuses on balancing the mind and body while strengthening and stretching muscles, working on mobility, and improving range of motion. Verbal cues will be used to reinforce proper alignment, making the class an excellent choice for any level.


Mat Pilates

Mind-body class designed to give you a longer leaner body. This 45 minute mat class enhances core strength & flexibility using body weight & equipment such as resistance rings, balls, weights & bands.


Intro to Yoga

45-minute class that offers the beginning level opportunity for those who want to learn the basics and prepare for more advanced classes.