Body By Choice

Our certified Personal Trainers have created the Body by Choice program to give you variation in your workout.

Body by Choice is FREE to members who have completed an Equipment Orientation. Three different workouts have been designed by our trainers to build strength, improve endurance, and learn proper form.

The Workouts

The workouts range from 30-60 minutes and are to be completed on your own time! Each workout card must be completed a total of 8 times and dated at the top for when you did each workout.

Exercise descriptions can be found on each workout card or in the corresponding videos posted below!

How To Enroll

Start anytime! Simply talk to any Fitness Associate and pick up your workout card #1 at the Fitness Desk!

When Completed

Complete and turn in all 3 workout cards to receive a FREE Choice t-shirt.

Workout Cards
Workout Card #1 | Superset >Workout Card #2 | Strength Circuit >Workout Card #3 | Cardio & Upper Body Circuit >
Workout Description Videos
Workout #1
Workout #2
Workout #3

Chris Langei
Fitness Manager
p: 701.787.3483