Specialty Training
Fitness Boxing

An intense 45-minute workout fusing boxing techniques to improve cardiovascular endurance, create muscle tone, and improve coordination.

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Chris Langei
Fitness Manager

p: 701.787.3483

Remedial PT Test Training

Do you feel confident you could pass a military PT test? This 30-minute workout focuses on exercises that support improvement in pullups, pushups, sit-ups and running.

*Not offered at this time.


45-minute walking/hiking class while wearing a weighted vest or backpack with added weight to increase strength and endurance. Participants should bring their own backpack.

*Not offered at this time.

Great Expectations
(open to non-members)

This prenatal exercise program includes 4 personal training sessions and is designed to empower you to overcome exercise barriers during pregnancy. This 6-week program focuses on cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training. Call or email to schedule a FREE Prenatal Exercise Consultation with a personal trainer specialized in women’s health.

Contact: Chris Langei or Veronica Lien | [email protected] | 701.746.2790

*Please Note: Not all fitness classes listed are offered every session. Please refer to the current Program Guide for information on what classes are currently offered.