Privacy Policy

The undersigned (MEMBER) hereby applies for membership at Choice Health & Fitness of the Park District of the City of Grand Forks (Park District) and Altru Family YMCA. I understand that I am subject to all rules and regulations of the Park District pertaining to Choice Health & Fitness and the Altru Family YMCA and to the terms set forth below, which I have read and understand. I understand that all members are responsible for seeking any necessary or desirable medical consultation or approval before using either facility. I also understand that the Park District and the Altru Family YMCA has no medical pay or similar insurance which will pay for treatment of any injury occurring at either facility. I understand that there arc risks incident to the use of the facility and I voluntarily accept these risks and release the Park District and the Altru Family YMCA from any liability in connection with my use of the premises. I have or will make a copy of the Agreement available to each person covered by this membership.