Community Room
Rental Policy

The Choice Community Rooms are available to rent. Reservations must be made two weeks in advance, and a contract must be signed to reserve a room. Choice Health & Fitness and the Grand Forks Park District events have priority. Community Rooms are not intended for monthly, regularly scheduled association, organization, or club meetings. This is to ensure our rooms are available for multiple community groups. Community Rooms are NOT to be utilized for parties (i.e., holiday, birthday, engagement, retirement, etc.) or any sales related activities (i.e., Scentsy, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, etc.). Notice of cancellation must be given at least 5-business days before the date of reservation. Failure to do so may result in loss of future room privileges. Community Rooms may not be used by organizations providing similar services available through Choice Health & Fitnes or Altru. Access to Community Rooms for set-up must be included in the reservations and rental fee.
All requests are subject to change.


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For more information, please contact Customer Service Coordinator: Amy Flynn | 701.746.2790 ext. 225, [email protected]

Contact Information

Amy Flynn
Customer Service Coordinator

701.746.2790 ext. 225