High School At-Home
Sports Training Program

Choice Health & Fitness and the Grand Forks Parks District are excited to be partnering with the Grand Forks Public Schools to provide at-home sports training opportunities for high school athletes.

Our At-Home Sports Training Program includes:

  • A Dynamic Warm-Up
  • Targeted Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Correlating Weekly Agility Workouts

Each part of the training plan consists of weekly workout schedules and correlating workout cards that feature a variety of at home exercises. Instructional videos are also available for every exercise to help athletes accurately complete every portion of the training plan.

Disclaimer: Participating in this program does not guarantee any results and those utilizing the program should be medically cleared by a medical doctor prior to engaging in these programs or activities.


Jared Connell
Program Coordinator

p: 701.746.2790