Youth Tennis Programs

TINY TOTS TENNIS | Ages 3 – 5 years

This is a parent-child class, so plan to attend to assist with your child. Tennis is a lifetime sport, so here’s a chance to get an early start! Tiny Tots is designed to introduce pre-school children, ages 3 – 5, to tennis. Participants will develop motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination, and the basic tennis fundamentals by participating in movement drills and games. The classes are taught by a USPTA tennis pro because your child deserves the best. Children and parents should wear tennis shoes and be comfortably dressed. Tennis racquets provided, if needed.

10 & UNDER TENNIS | Ages 5 – 10 years

Choice 10 & Under Tennis Program provides a progressive approach to tennis success. The class utilizes scaled courts, low-compression balls, & smaller racquets to meet each child’s developmental needs. The game-based curriculum allows kids to quickly learn the fundamentals of the game in a fun, action-filled environment where kids are playing & competing with their peers.

TENNIS ACADEMY | Ages 11 – 18 years

Choice Tennis Academy is designed to develop junior tennis players through a curriculum which promotes a natural progression through skill-based levels. Every age/level has a specific set of objectives & our pros will make your child’s development & success a priority. Players learn in a fun & active, yet challenging environment where they compete with their peers.

JUNIOR TEAM TENNIS | Ages 11 – 18 years

Choice Junior Team Tennis is a local tennis league in which junior tennis players compete as a team against other players of similar age & ability level. The league consists of an 8-week season & teams are assigned by the tennis staff at Choice. Teams are coed & have at least six players (3 boys & 3 girls).

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Choice Tennis Camps are a concentrated group of lessons covering a variety of grips, strokes and strategies, which are time-tested and proven to develop players. The camp is broken into sessions covering primary strokes and techniques which are then reinforced with drills in a fun and informative atmosphere.

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Introductory program designed to teach students the fundamental strokes and techniques of tennis. *Players in intermediate, advanced or elite levels of Choice 10 & Under Tennis or Choice Tennis Academy cannot participate in Tennis in the Parks.

Contact Information

Tim Wynne
Tennis Coordinator

p: 701-746-2790

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