Athletic Development Camps & Programs
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Core Strength & Agility
(8 - 14 years)
(*open to members & non-members)

Full-body strengthening using body weight, medicine balls, kettle bells, and cables to develop body awareness and proper technique. Emphasis on quick feet, change of direction, and core exercises to develop agility, core strength, and body awareness.

Contact: Chris Langei | [email protected] | 701.746.2790 x205

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Independent strength & conditioning
(Youth & Adult | Age 8+)
(*open to members & non-members)

Designed for athletes with skilled body awareness and lifting experience as well as athletes that cannot commit to specific group training. Includes personal needs analysis, progressive personal 6-week training program, and (2) personal training sessions to learn exercises and review progress.

Contact: Chris Langei | [email protected] | 701.746.2790 x205


Chris Langei
Fitness Manager

p: 701.746.2790

Programs to Enhance Your Sports Training
Boxing | Technique & Conditioning
(*open to members & non-members)

45-minute individual and group boxing sessions are a great way to cross-train for any sport.

Contact: Chris Langei | clangei@choicehfcom | 701.746.2790 x205

Sports Nutrition
(*open to members & non-members)

Choice Health & Fitness offers tailored nutrition programs designed to teach athletes the basics of fueling their body with the nutrients to get the most out of their training.

Contact: Chris Langei | clangei@choicehfcom | 701.746.2790 x205

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(*must be a member of Choice Health & Fitness or the YMCA)


45-minute yoga class focuses on balancing the mind & body while strengthening and stretching muscles, working on mobility, & improving range of motion.

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