Sport-Specific Training
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Individual/Group Training
Available for both Youth & Adults
(Open to Members & Non-Members)
Hockey Training

Training emphasizing hip and shoulder mobility, while increasing explosive strength and agility for hockey players.

Figure Skating Training

Strength and conditioning designed specifically for skaters to improve core strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Soccer Training

Soccer training helps athletes improve strength, speed, quickness, and passing accuracy and consistency.

Baseball/Softball Training

Improve your performance on the court with training specifically designed to increase strength, agility, and explosive power.

Golf Training

Resistance training to improve your golf swing. Unlock your body to drive the ball farther and straighter.

Olympic Lifting Training

Fix your flaws, tweak your form, and increase your personal bests.

Track Training

Track training is offered to any track and field athlete who wants to improve their technique.

Aquatics Training

Learn proper form and function to complement your swimming training. Work on injury prevention, explosive exercise, and increasing body awareness.

Dance Training

Strengthen muscles in lengthened positions, and increase flexibility and stamina with training created specifically for dancers.

Basketball Training

Improve your performance on the court with strength and conditioning created specifically for basketball players.

Tennis Training

Improve overall strength, conditioning, and agility to enhance your performance on the court.

Lacrosse Training

Improve your performance on the field with strength and conditioning created specifically for lacrosse players.

Team Training
(Open to Members & Non-Members)

Train together as a group. Team training available at Choice Health & Fitness and ICON Sports Center. Must have a group of 5 or more to qualify for team training rates.

1-on-1 Training
(Open to Members & Non-Members)
Personal Training for the Athlete

Personalized athletic development & fitness training for athletes.

Contact: Chris Langei | email | 701.746.2790
Location: Personal training available at Choice Health & Fitness.


Chris Langei
Fitness Manager

p: 701.746.2790